Time Price
30 Minutes $90.00 CAD
45 Minutes $115.00 CAD
60 Minutes $130.00 CAD
75 Minutes $165.00 CAD
90 Minutes $190.00 CAD
120 Minutes $260.00 CAD

*Gift Cards are available for purchase. Speak to your therapist for more information.

*Paper or electronic RMT/Acupuncture receipts are available for each treatment.

Why Neshama Therapy?

Each treatment session is custom tailored for your needs and goals. Additionally, our therapist will consult with you about post treatment aftercare techniques, like stretching , exercising and diet based on Eastern nutrition advice. We care about your wellbeing and focus on improving quality of life by reducing pain and dysfunction and supporting patients on their individual paths to becoming and feeling the best they can while delivering the highest standard of professional expertise and encouraging self-care and empowerment.