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    A healing touch from the most careful therapist. We have a variety of massage treatments we can tailor to your needs. Let's find the best solution for you.

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine

    The world of alternative medicine is at your fingertips! We offer a variety of TCM treatments including Acupuncture, Reflexology, Moxibustion, Shiatsu, Reiki, and more!

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    We care about healthy lifestyles, which is why our therapists will consult with you about treatment after-care, daily excercise and meditation, healthy foods, and more!

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About The Therapist

chen weinberg

Chen Weinberg is not only a skilled Registered Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist, she’s also a Shiatsu master and a qualified therapist in Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies Tui Na, Cupping Therapy, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Auricular Acupuncture and Chinese Foot Reflexology. Chen regularly practices yoga, meditation and Qi Kong, and seamlessly incorporates aspects of these traditions into her holistic multi-disciplinary practice. Her goal is to educate her patients and help them achieve inner balance, increase body awareness and enhance their body-mind-spirit connection.

A graduate of the prestigious Sutherland–Chan School & Teaching Clinic and a high honours graduate of SSC Acupuncture Institute, Chen is a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, the Registered Massage Therapists‚ Association of Ontario, and the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario.

Philosophy & Practice

By taking responsibility for our bodies and our health, Chen believes we have the ability to achieve well-being from within. As a therapist, Chen believes every patient is unique and requires a customized plan to work towards optimum health. As such, she provides individually tailored self-care programs, including Eastern nutrition advice, stretching and strengthening exercises, meditation guidance, mantras and relaxation techniques.

In her practice, Chen focuses on improving quality of life by reducing pain and dysfunction, and by relieving emotional tension and stress. She achieves this by improving body awareness and by supporting her patients on their individual paths to becoming and feeling the best they can. Chen delivers the highest standard of professional expertise while encouraging self-care and personal empowerment.

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