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"TCM views the winter season as time to restore energy (Qi), nourish the body and mind with self care like yoga, meditation, Qi Gong exercises and eastern nutrition. "

-Chen Weinberg

"What is the best treatment option for a woman in 30s with severe daily headaches?"


"The best treatment for a woman in her 30s that suffers severe daily headaches would be acupuncture and massage therapy or shiatsu, focus on head, neck and shoulders. "

-Chen Weinberg

"Sooo excited to see what's new in stock at neshama therapy :)"


"This past week has been a great toll on our energies- with the extreme cold weather and snow falling from the sky. It is when our energy is depleted the most that we should seek to rejuvenate and bring back our spirits."


"What's new at Neshama Therapy? Fresh and organic essential oils for Aromatherapy treatments that are tailored to your needs! Super relaxing and highly recommended for winter time to counter act winter blues and depression :)"

-Chen Weinberg

"New winter body balm with shea butter, organic coconut oil and essential oils! A scent of evergreen pine, bushy geranium and refreshing orange to help boost your energy levels and raise your mood! "

-Chen Weinberg

"We are offering a new service: Neshama Meditation. Check out the new page on website for more info about the session and what it includes! 🧘🏼‍♂️💫"

-Chen Weinberg

"Happy Fall! New Aromatherapy mix for the fall season at Neshama Therapy: Eucalyptus and Frankincense blend with organic coconut oil to boost immune system function and enhance lung energy!"

-Chen Weinberg