Your First Visit: What to Expect


Things To Do At Home

For your convenience, before arriving at the clinic you may print and fill out the Acupuncture Health History Form and/or the Massage Health History Form

  • If you're unsure of which treatment you'll be receiving, please call or email us to discuss your needs. 
  • If there are any sections that you are unsure about, please note them for discussion with your therapist. 
  • Health History forms are completely confidential, and will never be disclosed to anyone else unless required by law.

At The Clinic, Before Treatment

Your first appointment will begin with a consultation review of your health history, a discussion about your current symptoms and health conditions, and the goals of your treatment. Initial acupuncture treatments include an assessment, diagnosis and treatment, and therefore normally requires a 90-minute session.     

Based on the consultation review, your therapist will outline an initial treatment plan, and will explain step-by-step what modalities will be performed during the session.

Next, your therapist will leave the treatment room and close the door for your privacy, allowing you to undress to your comfort level. After undressing, you may lie down on the massage table and cover yourself with the top sheet.

Semi-Clothed Or No Clothing?

Most massage patients prefer to remove all clothing for a more comfortable experience. However, if you prefer, you are welcome to wear your undergarments during treatment.

During your treatment, most parts of your body will be covered with a draped top sheet and a blanket. Whether you are wearing undergarments or not, your private parts will be covered at all times. Only the body part being treated will be undraped to ensure a comfortable and secure patient experience.

If you choose to wear clothing for Shiatsu and Tuina treatments, please bring loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. If you choose not to wear clothes, you will be draped with a top sheet as described above.



Prior to your treatment, your therapist will briefly explain what parts of the body will be treated and the corresponding benefits.

Your comfort is of the utmost importance. To enhance relaxation, focus on your breathing. If at any time you feel any discomfort, please let your therapist know so she can modify your treatment accordingly.


Being in a state of relaxation while receiving your treatment restores and rejuvenates your energy and ensures that your body receives the healing benefits it needs to rebalance. Here are a few ways to help relax:


  • Try to let your thoughts go. One way to achieve this is to focus on how the treatment feels.
  • Remember to gently breathe with full breaths. Sometimes patients hold their breath when a sensitive area is treated; however, it is recommended to relax and breathe deeply through it.
  • Similarly, avoid tensing or contracting your muscles during your treatment. Try to focus on releasing tension from your muscles. If you are unable to relax, please let your therapist know so she can assist you with a guided meditation technique.


Conclusion Of Treatment

waterAt the end of your treatment, your therapist will leave the room and close the door for your privacy while you get dressed. When you are ready, she will return and discuss self-care techniques and dietary advice to help rebalance the body and boost energy.


A good habit after treatment is to drink plenty of water in order to rehydrate and flush away any toxins that may have been released during treatment. An Epsom salt bath is recommended for sore muscles post-treatment.

If possible, allow some quiet time to extend relaxation after the treatment, before returning to work or other responsibilities. The healing effects on your body and mind can continue to take effect up to 24 hours after treatment.


If you have any further questions regarding our treatments, please contact us.

Download Health History Forms

The following forms are available for new patients. Please download and fill out the forms before arriving for your first visit to Neshama Therapy.

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